The Story


Corner of Sharp and Vale Streets Cooma

The first business on this corner was established in 1858 by

Hilton Brothers, and was known as The Australian Stores

and continued to keep this name into P.D. Murphy's time.

 The establishment then passed into the hands of

Hall & Dunn followed by a Mr David O'Rourke.

In 1892 Mr W Willmott bought out his partner Mr David O'Rourke

and in October 1900, Mr Willmott retired from the firm Willmott & Co.

and sold his interest to Mr Patrick Dents Murphy

Mr Murphy had joined  Willmott & Co. a few months

after Mr David O'Rourke departed.

 In 1913 an advertisement for P.D. Murphy indicated

late night shopping saying "9:00pm Saturday

Night would bring down the curtain on its winter sale."

 In 1897, first street lamp lit in

Sharp street was outside The Australian Stores